“The IoT course has taught us what to expect in the workplace.”

Peter Bodor, HND Mechanical Engineering, Level 3, says: “The IoT course has taught us what to expect in the workplace.”

Peter Bodor, a HND Mechanical Engineering student, reflects on the skills he has learnt while working with industry-standard equipment.

Peter first heard about the IoT course at Nelson and Colne College’s Open Day, and he was impressed by the range of equipment in the Engineering Department, such as Computer Numerical Control (NC) and Mazak machines.

“The Mazak is one of the most complex machines that we can have access to at this level. And also last year, they brought in the five-axis machine, which is the current standard in industry.”

Peter chose this course due to the benefits of studying closer to home.

“It works out better, financially, to study locally. The other aspect is that it equals to the degree given out by Leeds or Manchester University.”

Peter reflected on an opportunity to make designs for Red Bull Racing.

The Red Bull team came in, brought some parts for us to make a display unit. Me and my friend Ahmed[hyperlink] co-created a design, and this design was accepted. This experience allowed us to do each step as they would in industry; from designing it, making it, and, actually manufacturing it. It taught us what to expect in the workplace.”

Peter and fellow learners have also partaken in business-led workshops facilitated by the college.

“When a company needs a certain part, they can hire the college to manufacture those parts. We would then go into the workshop and help out to gain experience on what they would expect in a business situation.”

Peter also praised the quality of teaching on his course.

“When I started my course, what stood out during the course is the standard of teaching. I remember me and my friend walking home discussing how good the teachers are, the qualifications they have, and so on. It’s good to have them as role models of what we can achieve.”

Peter hopes to finish his final year and get a job locally while continuing to boost his skillset.