Maxwell, Construction Management

Aspiring surveyor Maxwell Jones is set to embark on a HNC in Construction Management for England at Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology thanks to his experiences of studying the subject at T Level.

The 18-year-old completed a work placement with Preston City Council as part of his course, which gave him a real-world insight into his chosen sector.

“It’s given me a proper experience in a relevant industry and I’ve had the chance to work on real projects,” he says. “I mainly got involved with disability adaptations, which involved a lot of site visits.”

Approaching the end of his two-year course, Maxwell explored all the different pathways open to him afterwards and decided to stay on at the college to complete the IoT course rather than go on to a university.

“I did a lot of research and realised this was the best way to go because of the standard of teaching here and the industry-leading equipment we use,” he says. One project involved redesigning the college’s iStem building and producing a 3D model of his version, which he believes is one of his biggest achievements during his course.

“I’d really recommend studying this subject at the IoT because it’s so diverse, you can go anywhere with it,” he says. “I thought I wanted to go into landscape architecture but after my experiences on the course I’m now more interested in the surveying and project management side.”