Katarina, Level 6 Medical Biology

“The equipment here has massive effect on our knowledge and our skills”, says Katerina Gkzimpala, who is currently working as a lab technician at Burnley College while also studying a Level 6 BSc(Hons) in Medical Biology with Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology.

Katerina previously worked for the NHS in the Cervical Cytology department, where she was responsible for the preparation of cervical smear samples for subsequent analysis from patients across the North West, but decided to return to education as an adult learner.

She said: “The technology utilised in this course is on par with that used in leading industries, ensuring that students receive training and preparation that closely aligns with workplace expectations and demands.”

Moving to the UK from Greece in 2015, she decided to pursue her interest in medical science.

Following her work with the NHS, she enrolled on a three-year Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology course at Burnley College and is now in her final year of the research-based degree.

She said: “With this course, I just found my dream. I found what I wanted to do. It was an eye-

opening moment.

“In the Lancashire and Cumbria IoT lab at Burnley College, the equipment has had a massive effect on our knowledge, our skills and our ability to go forward in the medical industry.”

“Working as a lab technician alongside my studies, I am passionate about observing students as they navigate the complexities of medical biology, developing their skills as researchers and scientists in the process.”

“The course emphasises critical thinking, transcending textbook knowledge to foster a deeper understanding of the subject. It encourages students to question, collaborate, and innovate, enabling them to develop their own ideas and perspectives.”

Katerina described the course as “exceptional”.

She said: “BCUC is not your average university, it’s something so different. It’s certainly not lacking in knowledge, or skills. The Institute of Technology course at BCUC is such a different learning environment to a traditional university.”

Katerina’s dissertation focuses on antibiotic-resistant bacteria and, looking to the future, she plans to find a PhD program with an integrated Masters.

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