ELE Advanced Technologies: "Skilled employees help us meet customer needs"

Engineering solutions provider ELE Advanced Technologies works with IoT academic partner Nelson and Colne College Group to train up two or three engineering apprentices every year.

The Nelson-based business provides engineering solutions in the aerospace, power generation and automotive sectors.

Pam Pinder, Head of People and Talent at ELE, said: “We’ve worked with the IoT to put together the Level 2 course and support the curriculum because we need to ensure we have the right level of skilled employees to meet the requirements of our customers for the future.

“Engineers are not necessarily trainers, so to have someone externally who can impart knowledge and support us to meet our training requirements means our engineers can concentrate on the day-to-day.

“We’re a small business so we don’t have a dedicated training academy, and for us to be able to send people on courses with external partners is valuable for skills enhancement and helps with employee retention and it is invaluable to create successful collaboration partnerships.

“It helps employees to get their skills up to speed with what’s relevant in the marketplace and hopefully we get better quality employees because we’re investing in people and ensuring our skills continue to meet the future.”