Making a play for IoT to become a leader in esports

The dark room – illuminated by rainbow-coloured lights – has been causing quite a stir at Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology.
It’s no normal classroom, filled with students in headphones working their way through virtual worlds as lights beam out from their screens.

Introducing Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology

Seven colleges and three universities have partnered up to transform the region through a targeted approach aimed at fuelling prosperity.

The IoT, part of a national network, offers students industry-leading facilities, equipment and training in the skills the region most needs.

Why do we need an Institute of Technology?

It’s no secret that we’re stronger when we work together. As individuals we all have our talents, and pooling these for the greater good achieves far better outcomes.

And the same is true at organisational level too. As colleges, universities and employers, we all do our bit, individually, to ensure people have the skills they need. But what if we all pulled together?

How Institute of Technology can address diversity challenges in STEM

“To overcome STEM shortages in the long term, we need to show young people that they can pursue a STEM pathway regardless of their characteristics.”

This was the government’s recommendation in summer 2023 in response to a report that said opportunities in STEM are not equally distributed across society.